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Roadshow für Samsung Healthcare

Autraggebber: Ten & One

We make Event history. Such a performance is carried out in the world for the very first time. Because merely a good result is not enough anymore.
Everything began with the coming battle with one of the biggest companies for special events in Europe.

We are very happy and grateful that namely our agency won the trust of SAMSUNG HEALTHCARE Germany who were very enthusiastic about our concept.

And the start was given.

Together with our partners from Germany we worked out a concept for the presentation of the new ultrasound system of SAMSUNG – UGEO WS80A.
The objective was to present the advantages of the apparatus in an emotional and remembering way in the presence of the best doctors in Germany as well as to emphasize on the doctor/patient and doctor/ultrasound relation.
The climax of the event was the specially prepared by us Performance with which we presented actually the new apparatus of SAMSUNG HEALTHCARE.
By the means of the apparatus we presented the benefits and the special features of the new ultrasound system and in a direct and emotional way we bound the performance with the features and the functions of the device.
For that purpose we crossed yet another Terra Nova and made a stereoscopic film about the apparatus (note: to be watched with 3D glasses). And the whole film was subordinate to the choreography of the performers and the interaction with the film.
The start of the Road Show was on March 26 at the oldest and luxury cinema in Munich – Gloria Film-palast.

We continue in a new dimension, and you?

Etienne Herr
Simeon Marchev

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Public Event für ECCO

Auftraggebber: Jochen Schweizer
Dubai_1 (Small)

Vertical Fashion Show für Dubai Shopping Festival

Auftraggeber: Dubai Government

The event-BAW Open House