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For us

Everyone can hire an artist, but not everyone can order effective and creative solutions.

Time has to be justified!

First of all, our Assignors are event angecies. They count on our long-term experience and most of all, on our wish each time to follow different path.

We firmly believe in the power of emotions and that every human being may be reached through them! We are your support early at the stage of generating ideas. Together we shall develop suitable conception for a show consisting of trully emotional content for Your customers. We know from experience that this is the most effective approach for our clients. This is the reason why we offer not just a simple presentation but a complete entertainment conception. It is developed especially and solely for you and because of this it charges Your strategy with strength and energy. Our energetic stages re create emotional worlds and brings the event’s visitors to the exact place they want to be!

Our manner of thinking is global and we work in a network. We collaborate with experienced partners from all over the world.

This gives us the opportunity to fullfill our task precisely and economically responsible for your budget.

You trust us and we prove our loyalty and prefessionalism to you.